The objective of the Rap Techno Playlist is to create an CD size, (about 15 track) ever chanching, online Rap Techno Playlist, always available when you have a party. So please come with suggestions and let us know what you like and what you don't like.

Obviously we need a Peaches song on the Playlist, you can help us decide wich one: Fuck the pain away or Operate or maybe you have another favourite

Peaches - Operate:

Peaches - Fuck the pain away

Both are real Rap Techno hits, wich one do you want on the playlist


Rap Techno Playlist:

This is not a blog. It is a Youtube Techno Rap/Rap Techno Playlist for Rap Techno fans. Listen to the tunes comment and tell your friends. This post is updated at least weekly.

1: Al Azif vs Adam Tensta - My Cool Feat Dr. Alban
Free mp3 download

This is a mix of stockholms finest Techno rapper Adam Tensta's hit song "My Cool" together whith one of the original stars of Rap Techno: Dr Alban

NEW 2: Ying Yang Twins & ATM - Drop (REMIX)
Free mp3 download

The Atlanta rap duo does it again here toghether with up and commer ATM in a hot new remix of the hit song Drop

3: Ja Rule - Extasy

A real classic in the genre, romantic lyrics

4: Mandoza - Phunyika ba mphethe

Cape Towns number one gangster techno rapper Mandoza shows how its done

5: Wiley - Wot Do You Call It

Wiley is the ruler of the UK Techno Rap scene, he made his name with this song, asking us what we call it: It's Rap Techno

6: Nhạc

Vietnamese Techno Rap DJ Nhạc is holding it down in the swetty Hanoi night clubs

7: Pekemón techno rap - Artist unknown

8: Maskinen - Alla som inte dansar är våldtäksmän

NEW 9: Young Dee - The Clubbanger